Unreleased Version Of The Doors ‘Roadhouse Blues’ Is Available On Streaming


An unreleased version of The Doors 1970 classic, “Roadhouse Blues”is available for streaming, as the latest preview to the expanded deluxe 50th anniversary edition of “Morrison Hotel” which is set for release on October 9.

The streaming audio takes fans directly in the studio, with Morrison saying, “Now the subject of this song is something that all of you have seen at one time or another, it’s an old roadhouse, We’re down in the South or in the Midwest or maybe on the way to Bakersfield, and we’re driving in a ’57 Chevy to an old roadhouse. Can you dig it? It’s about 1:30 and we’re not driving too fast, but we’re not driving too slow either. We’ve got a six-pack of beer in the car, and a few joints, and we’re just listening to the radio and driving to the roadhouse through nature. Dig it?”

The first two takes of the track are featured alongside several others on the newly-expanded second disc of “Morrison Hotel.” You can stream Roadhouse Blues on The Door’s official YouTube channel.

Listen to unreleased take of The Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues” featuring Jim Morrison spoken intro

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